Eternal Happiness: A journey through self-enlightenment (English) (Hardcover)

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Eternal Happiness: A journey through self-enlightenment (English) (Hardcover)

Inspired by the Goddess of Wisdom, Mother Saraswati and Lord Shri Krishna, Master of the Universe; I have ventured to express my years of experience and learning in this book, “Eternal Happiness – journey through self-enlightenment.” I dedicate this book to the service of humanity, spreading the message of work, meditation, happiness, devotion, love, joy, bliss and oneness with ourselves. We are manifested of the Supreme. He is our Universal Father and friend. Being children of Him, we are perfect, divine and immortal. Our soul is immortal, only embodied in mortal body. We are to realise our divinity. Spirituality enables one to overcome the invasion of Illusion (Maya). Spirituality gives strength during the storm of failures, to climb the ladder of success. Spirituality ignites and awakens human’s inner power and balances Trinity of Power (money, muscles and authority). It awakens humanity which is inherent and eternal in all. Spiritualty ingrains in us the value of humanity, conquers malice and misunderstanding through love. Service to humanity is worship of God. Lord Krishna says to His disciple friend Arjuna, “Abandoning selfish attachment to results, fixing mind on me do duty to the best of ability with calmness both in success and failures.”

About The Author

Hari Prasad Kanoria

Dr. Hari Prasad Kanoria, LLB; Advocate, Calcutta High Court was born in India on 11th January 1942. He completed his education from Presidency & St. Xavier's College and Bachelor of Law from Calcutta University. Dr. Kanoria has got vast experience in diversified business and industries starting his career from his family business. He was pioneered and guided the strategic development & growth of SREI, the premier Holistic infrastructure NBFC and Shristi Infrastructure to make it the leading Infrastructure Development Companies. He is the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of “Business Economics”, a premier global fortnightly magazine. He is the founder chairman of SREI Foundation, Srihari Global IISD Foundation, Srihari Global School, Suryodaya, iSparkHolistic Happiness Studio, Siragu, Acid Survivors and Women Welfare Foundation and World Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality. He had also held several important Government assignments like Director of United Bank of India, Director of WBIIDC, Lok Adalat Judge and others. He was awarded the “Global Man of the Year 2015” at 3rd Annual Global officials of Dignity (G.O.D), awards held in August 2015 at the United Nations in New York. The highest recognition conferred to an individual for exemplary contributions to Humanity.


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Author Hari Prasad Kanoria
ISBN 978-93-88409-65-0
Subject General >> Sociology
Number of Pages 148
Weight 340 g
Publication Year 2020
Language English
Binding Hardback

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