The Haunting Himalayas (English) (Paperback)

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The Haunting Himalayas (English) (Paperback)

“…There is a misty vapor that encompasses our minds and hinders us from looking beyond the tangible – a fog that makes us doubt all else…”
Follow Rajni Sibal’s journey into esoteric experiences with an amplified worldview. Once the mind is free from the shackles of rigid empiricism it allows for the  truth of others. You begin to comprehend that what others perceive is not a mere myth simply because you do not.
‘The Haunting Himalayas’ is a collection of short stories based on real life experiences of eerie sightings, strange sounds and ethereal events. The book is an exciting sojourn across the hoary Himalayas which form a perfect backdrop. The core of these enigmatic narratives is at rue occurence. The author has woven enthralling stories around the core to craft a tapestry in which the warp and the weft are an exquisite mix of myth and reality.
The Haunting Himalayas is an ode to the pristine pine covered ranges.
The frosty mornings and rosy sunsets in the mountains heighten imperceptible facets of the cosmic truth. One sees better and begins to understand that soft smudged line that separates the living from the dead. The Haunting Himalayas opens up a fascinating vista of unknown dimensions and one learns to accept that there is more to the world than meets the eye…

About The Author

Rajni Sekhri Sibal

Rajni Sekhri Sibal is a writer and a civil servant. From Poem to Prose, Rajni connects with people with a sensitive heart that respects human dignity. Her writings span serious matters like disaster management to lyrical poems about life in all its facets. She creates an enthralling experience for readers and touches their lives with her words. All this, while being a member of the Indian Administrative Service. Rajni is the first lady to top the civil services examination. She has formulated and implemented government policies in diverse fields like agriculture, industry, education, finance, skill development and disaster management. She rose to be Secretary to the Government of India and is the recipient of multiple accolades including the Indian of the Year award for her courage and commitment. Rajni has authored two anthologies of enchanting verses: ‘Clouds End and Beyond’ and ‘Fragrant Words’. Three of her published books – Tours and Inspections for Effective Monitoring, Kamadhenu and Are You Prepared for a Disaster? – evolved from the work she was doing at that time at the Academy, in the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Home Affairs, respectively. The Haunting Himalayas is the author’s first collection of esoteric stories set against the backdrop of pine forests and quaint towns and villages nestled in the Himalayas.


Book Details
Author Rajni Sekhri Sibal
ISBN 978-93-88409-67-4
Subject General >> Literature
Number of Pages 120
Weight 160 g
Publisher Haranand Publications
Publication Year 2020
Language English
Binding Paperback

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