About Us

HAR-ANAND PUBLICATIONS is a name synonymous with innovative and high-quality books. The company is run by veterans in the publishing domain who are dedicated to the cause of presenting the finest that is there is Indian writing.

Har-Anand is well known for its strong fiction and narrative non-fiction list. Through its vast repertoire of books, the company aims to make a mark for itself with the Indian as well as the global audience.

With an active association with over fifty leading academic and research institutions in the country. Har-Anand Publications strives to publish their studies in order to promote South-South cooperation and contribute to spreading general awareness about the intellectual activities of the nation. The company publishes over 100 new titles every year.

HAR-ANAND is also now fully geared to further expand its reach to school children with a new range of extensive textbooks and children’s literature. With hundreds of new titles to its credit during the last many years, HAR-ANAND is now all set to emerge as the largest publisher of school books in the country.

As an input to meet the best quality standards, reputed, professional authors had been empanelled for writing books on various subjects and a highly competent team of editors had been put in place to oversee the academic content and presentation technicalities.

While keeping a close watch on the fast changing educational scenario and the emerging requirements, all care has been taken to follow the latest instructions/guidelines issued by the central and the state level education boards. The syllabi approved by each individual state board have also been taken into consideration in letter and spirit, while compiling textbooks on various subjects. The new series of pre-school books, based on play-way learning, also deserves special mention. Efforts have also been made to promote learning through a simple and precise text with colourful, vibrant illustrations even in subjects such as Hindi, English and Mathematics in the textbook section.

HAR-ANAND has also come up with interesting and excellent reference literature on subjects of art and culture, whereas the great Indian epics have been retold in a very simple, lucid and child friendly languages. Academicians, teachers and readers, including students of HAR-ANAND books, are welcome to send their critical appreciation, or any suggestions, for further value addition to our school and pre-school books.

Further we are happy to inform you that the first lot of Ben 10 books have been sent for printing and we expect to have advance copies by the end of the month.These books shall be supplied to you in the first week of June.Thereafter every month a lot of 10 books shall be released for the next four months. You are requested to send us your orders in advance to ensure there is no delay in supplying the books. In case you face any difficulty in procuring the books please feel free to contact us.