China:Mahan Shikari (Hindi) (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-93-91504-11-3

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China:Mahan Shikari (Hindi) (Paperback)

 China the Great Predator is the twentieth book by Pierre-Antoine Donnet. Several of his books have 

been translated into several languages, including Chinese, Japanese and English. It endeavors to 
describe in a simple language, accessible to all, but precise, the reality of today in China which, in 
many respects, is terrifying. Xi Jinping's China is gradually becoming a threat to the rest of the world 
in the military, economic, climatic, but also societal and ideological fields. This book explains how, 
little by little, most Western countries, but also their neighbors in Southeast and East Asia, became 
aware of this danger and organized themselves to block its way before it be too late. This book 
explains in detail the risks of war in Taiwan, this after conflicts with India and Vietnam. It explains the 
colonialist and even imperialist aims of the Chinese Communist Party in the South China Sea, in Africa 
and the consequences in political terms of its program called the "New Silk Roads". 
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Book Details
Author re, Pierre-Antoine Donnet
ISBN 978-93-91504-11-3
Subject General >> History and Politics
Number of Pages 246
Weight 315 g
Publication Year 2023
Language Hindi
Binding Paperback

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