Combating Terrorism: The Legal Challenge (English) (Hardcover)

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Combating Terrorism: The Legal Challenge (English) (Hardcover)

 "Combating Terrorism: The Legal Challenge" explores the difficulties of framing laws against terrorism. Against the backdrop of 11 September attacks, the book examines the crucial question of whether terrorism can, indeed, have a legal remedy. It also provides the reader a quick comparison of specific provisions of India’s own anti-terrorism laws with those in the West, especially the United Kingdom. Written in an easy, conversational style, the book provides a glimpse into the mind of lawmakers in India and elsewhere trying to find balance tough anti-terrorism laws with individual liberties. "Arnab Goswami powerfully demonstrates how both states and the international community have found it difficult to frame effective laws to tackle terrorist activity. He concludes that they can no longer afford to procrastinate further. His work is addressed, in the first instance, to an Indian audience, but it has lessons for all those who are concerned with the policy dilemmas posed by a phenomenon, which operating as it does undercover, and unseen, represents a mortal threat to democracy everywhere. It deserves to be widely read."

About The Author

Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami (born 7 March 1973) is an Indian news anchor and journalist, who is the managing director and editor-in-chief of Republic Media Network. Goswami’s Republic Media Network presently owns and operates three channels namely Republic TV in English, Republic Bharat in Hindi and Republic Bangla in Bengali. Before Republic TV, Goswami was the editor-in-chief and a news anchor of Times Now and ET Now, from 2006 to 2016. Previously, he had also served stints at NDTV and The Telegraph. On Times Now, he anchored The Newshour, a live debate at 9 pm (IST) weekdays, which propelled him to widespread fame. He also hosted a special television programme Frankly Speaking with Arnab. In November 2016, Goswami resigned as editor-in-chief of Times Now. His new channel Republic TV was launched in May 2017.


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Author Arnab Goswami
ISBN 978-93-91504-32-8
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Publication Year 2021
Language English
Binding Hardback

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