Delhi 2023: Changing Democracy-Transforming Polity (English) (Hardcover)

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Delhi 2023: Changing Democracy-Transforming Polity (English) (Hardcover)

 The book is an outcome of a three years' rigorous field work of data collection by engaging voters in all 70 constituencies and 250 wards of the Capital City, Delhi during 2020 Assembly and 2022 Municipality elections with a huge sample size of approximately 120,000. Lensing Delhi from varying perspectives, the book seeks to encapsulate changing demography, democracy and polity of Delhi of past 75 years. Written by young scholars and social scientists drawn across University of Delhi Colleges and Departments, the book sketches the trajectory of Delhi from caste, class and community perspectives by adding gender and governance discourse under new changing  realities.  The book unfolds different phases of the democratic evolutions and transformations of Delhi. Amidst a new kind of demography and democracy, the book attempts to examine the political undercurrent of Delhi with greater veracity and criticality. The book constitutes the first such attempt to study the changing transformation of democratic politics and governance polity of Delhi. All seven chapters of the book are the kaleidoscopic reflection of varying aspects of democracy and polity of Delhi. The theoretical interpretations backed by statistical presentations covering multifaceted issues and themes form the essence as well as salience of the book. The book thus marks a new beginning for the readers interested in studying democracy and polity of Delhi under the changing milieu.

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About The Author


Sunil K Choudhary is a Professor of Political Science and Director [Honorary], Centre for Global Studies [CGS] at University of Delhi. He has an outstanding academic record, research publications and nearly a three-decade teaching experience at the University of Delhi. He is a post-doctoral fellow from Tel Aviv University, Israel and a Commonwealth Fellow at the University of Oxford, U.K., He has written extensively on contemporary issues which have been figured in various refereed national and international journals. He is the recipient of various national and international awards, including the prestigious Global South Award, 2014.


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ISBN 978-81-19798-18-6
Subject General >> History and Politics
Number of Pages 256
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Publication Year 2024
Language English
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