Love You Forever: A Love Story (English) (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-81-19798-12-4

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Love You Forever: A Love Story (English) (Paperback)


In today’s world, life is so unpredictable. You never know what’s there for you in the very next moment. Covid Period has taught us so much. Life  can come to a standby and we can loose our loved ones within the blink of an eye. Back then, life was simple and sweet but as of now people are into stress, depression and living a life full of loneliness and this all leads to  anxiety. The Anxiety level increases to a level that we fall to many ailments, diseases and several illnesses. Emotions and companionships are what holds us and Love is the only thing which keeps us going. It’s better to have at least one shoulder to cry on when in need or to lean on when in a bad mood, or a hand to hold on. Therefore, share your heart out loud with your people before it’s too late. We should stop complaining about anything and everything. Don’t keep any hinge or hateness in your heart for anyone. You just got another lesson dealing with duplicity. Spend at least few minutes from your busy schedule with your loved ones. This will give you immense pleasure, happiness and peace of mind. Love is an emotion just like pain or fear Love is an expression of happiness, kindness,  pamperness.  Love heals Anxiety. When you are in Love the human body generates positive vibes and this gives you happiness and healthy feelings.  Love You Always was written by me in Covid times, when I felt lonely. I have given different age group layering into this and tried to explain the emotions of many people in this book. Hope you will enjoy it. Be happy! It costs you nothing but it can give you everything. Hugs and Love
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About The Author

Dr. Deepak Singh

Dr. Deepak Singh is an established content creator, film producer in Indian film industry as well as Hollywood. He is also a respected name in brand and media consulting. Dr. Deepak Singh is very passionate about putting up meaningful content together. He has been working on several real life stories and takes them into audio-visual formats. Subedar major Hony. Captain Shri Yogendra Singh Yadav PVC is also a part of this meaningful content-based journey. Dr. Deepak Singh happened to meet Yogendra Yadav through his dear friend Chitrangda Singh. Both of them zeroed to come together to produce this biopic into an AV format. Dr. Deepak Singh writes and OTTS stories himself for the AV format. After meeting and having round of discussions with Yogendra Yadav PVC, Dr. Deepak Singh was touched by his version of the narrative. Dr. Deepak Singh has been honored with a Doctorate in Mass Media and communication from American University.


Book Details
Author Dr. Deepak Singh
ISBN 978-81-19798-12-4
Subject Fiction
Number of Pages 200
Weight 244 g
Publication Year 2023
Language English
Binding Paperback

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