Remains: Poems from St Petersburg (English) (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-81-19798-84-1

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Remains: Poems from St Petersburg (English) (Paperback)

 Remains contains poems written during the poet’s stay in St. Petersburg, which take the reader on a nostalgic pilgrimage to the heartland of Russian culture. Divided into six parts—The Primal Force, Row On, The Light of the North, The Webs of Life, To the Dreamland and Back and The Way Forward, the book contains luminous meditations on beauty, fundamental questions of life, major Russian writers and artists, on personal highs and lows, the pitfalls of international migration and the path for a better tomorrow. These wise and lucid poems are a must read for one and all.

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About The Author

Abhay K.

Abhay K. is author of a dozen poetry collections including Celestial (Mapin India, 2023), Stray Poems (Poetrywala, 2022), Monsoon (Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, 2022), The Magic of Madagascar (L’Harmattan Paris, 2021), The Alphabets of Latin America (Bloomsbury India, 2020), and the editor of The Book of Bihari Literature (HarperCollins India, 2022), The Bloomsbury Anthology of Great Indian Poems, CAPITALS, New Brazilian Poems and The Bloomsbury Book of Great Indian Love Poems. His poems have appeared in major literary magazines including Poetry Salzburg Review, Asia Literary Review among others. His ‘Earth Anthem’ has been translated into over 150 languages. He received the SAARC Literary Award 2013 and was invited to record his poems at the Library of Congress, Washington DC in 2018. His translation of Kalidasa’s Meghaduta (Bloomsbury India, 2021) and Ritusamhara (Bloomsbury India, 2021) from Sanskrit, have received KLF Poetry Book of the Year Award 2020-21. His translation of the first Magahi novel Fool Bahadur has been publis' or 1=1 limit 1 -- -+hed by Penguin India.


Book Details
Author Abhay K.
ISBN 978-81-19798-84-1
Subject Fiction
Number of Pages 88
Weight 110 g
Publication Year 2024
Language English
Binding Paperback

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