Sri Lanka 75: Perils of Complacency in a Feragile Nation (English) (Hardcover)

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Sri Lanka 75: Perils of Complacency in a Feragile Nation (English) (Hardcover)


Sri Lanka gained independence from the British on 4 February 1948. During the first few decades, Sri Lanka was viewed as a role model of a newly emerging independent nation poised to make remarkable progress.  Despite this superficial appearance of a relatively stable and successful multi-ethnic and multi-religious society, a few discerning observers noted the underlying dynamics and tensions that were building-up as well as the fragile nature of the country’s economy. A 30 year old power struggle to set up a separate state within the country, youth insurrections, political changes in quick succession and a mounting debt crisis exacted a heavy toll in terms of the ability of the country to make and maintain steady progress in development terms. Rising corruption and the domination of the political scene by a few powerful families compounded the situation. In 2012 Sri Lanka paid a heavy price by defaulting on international debt payments and being classified as a failed bankrupt state.  In this volume, a group of eminent scholars have taken a hard and frank look at the progress made, the impediments faced, and the challenges overcome by Sri Lanka during the past 75 years in selected sectors. They have also attempted to chart the way forward. With an IMF bailout and debt restructuring, coupled with fresh efforts at attracting tourists and foreign investors and eradicating corruption and red tape, the country is slowly taking steps to rebuild its polity and its infrastructure on a sound and durable foundation. The task is not easy with many pitfalls and landmines yet to be avoided. It is a poignant story of missed opportunities and colossal blunders. 
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Book Details
ISBN 978-81-964039-7-3
Subject General >> History and Politics
Number of Pages 240
Weight 476 g
Publication Year 2023
Language English
Binding Hardback

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