Terrorism in India (English) (Hardcover)

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Terrorism in India (English) (Hardcover)

The concern in this study is how to, as Indians, deter terror and safeguard national integrity. The dismemberment of India as the goal of Islamic terrorism, of Maoists violence, and of LTTE's perfidy should no more be doubted. In 1998, Osama Bin Laden identified the USA, Israel and India as the main enemies of Islam and targets for their terrorism. In November 1999, in a rally at Peshawer, the "patron" of Lashkar-e-Taiba reaffirmed this target/goal as India. On 8 June 2007, in a cassette distributed in a mosque in Srinagar, the Al-Qaeda further confirmed that for Islam, India as presently constituted ('Hindu-ruled') is their target for terrorist acts. Is secular democratic India in danger of balkanization?


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Author Subramanian Swamy
ISBN 978-81-241-1344-8
Subject General >> History and Politics
Number of Pages 143
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Publisher Haranand Publications
Publication Year 2008
Language English
Binding Hardback

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