The Gujaratis of INDIA (English) (Hardcover)

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The Gujaratis of INDIA (English) (Hardcover)

Gujarat and Gujaratis dominate not only the national polity today but have drawn attention of the world ever since the Gujarat model of economic development was converted into an instrument of political challenge. It aroused the world's curiosity and people wanted a peek into the unique mind that a Gujarati is. The state's people,  according to general perception, are good at making wealth. Their contribution to the nation is evidence of this. Yet they lead simple lives and do  not flaunt their wealth on  their person.  At the same time, they also do not hesitate in parting with a large part of their earnings for philanthropy. A large number of educational and healthcare institutes have been built and are operated by them in and outside Gujarat.

About The Author


VIJAY SANGHVI (b, 1939)has created a niche for himself in his five decade long career as a perspective reporter and critics of political, economic and social developments since he joined the profession in 1962. Sanghvi has worked for various dailies and journals of Gujarat and Maharashtra and has been regularly contributing to several national and international journals.


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ISBN 978-81-241-1781-1
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