The Wretched Ones A Play (English) (Paperback)

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The Wretched Ones A Play (English) (Paperback)

 This play by Rawail Singh is a ‘dirge of, and for, daughters’ and it is an earnest effort to give voice to the intense pain of women. Actually, this play is an articulation of powerful emotion balanced on the scales of logic. Apart from being a researcher in the domain of Media Studies, Rawail Singh has also been a critic and reviewer of theatre and has the credit of being an acute socio-political thinker. A harmonious combination of these three qualities clearly emerges from this play. While constructing a perspective on the exploitation of women, he has presented its socio-political dimension, its attributes, and a critical analysis of the issue. He has tried to discover the tools to mold it back into the idiom of the theatre, and finally something new has emerged in this play from a fusion of these three elements.

About The Author

Prof. Rawail Singh

Prof. Rawail Singh is a Playwright, Scholar, Media Journalist, researcher, literary critic and cultural activist. During his long carrier as Secretary, Punjabi Academy he has witnessed hundreds of theatre productions which provoked him to write scripts for Multi-Media shows and Documentaries. Having Ph.D degree on the topic “Folk Theatre and Punjabi Drama” he had taught Drama, Theatre and Media as Professor in the Department of Punjabi, University of Delhi. He is master in developing scripts for theatrical productions. In addition to his characteristics of coming up with the concept for the story and crafting character’s dialogues, he also make suggestions for the theatrical set design and develop stage directions for the actors to follow throughout the performance. His latest Play “The Wretched Ones” provides a comprehensive look at women’s rape disclosures, addressing such issues why, how and to whom women disclose their plight; how people responded to disclosures; and how these responses effect survivors.


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Author Prof. Rawail Singh
ISBN 978-93-91504-10-6
Subject Fiction
Number of Pages 72
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Publication Year 2022
Language English
Binding Paperback

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