Building the SRI RAMA TEMPLE in Ayodhya (English) (Hardcover)

ISBN: 978-81-241-1905-1

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Building the SRI RAMA TEMPLE in Ayodhya (English) (Hardcover)

Hindus believe that Bhagvan Sri Rama was born in Ayodhya. At his birth spot in Ayodhya, there stood a temple, but on the same spot Islamic came to be known as "Babri Masjid." This book, explores how, through legal measures the Rama Temple can be rebuilt on the original spot where it had stood nearly half a millennium ago.

About The Author

Subramanian Swamy

SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY is the President of the Janata Party since 1990, which was founded by Jayapraksh Narayan in 1977 in the aftermath of the Emergency. He is also one of the founding members of the party. He is also Chairman, school of Communication & Management Studies, Kalamaserry, Ernakulam District, Kerala ( and Managing Life Trustee, Naveen Hindustan Foundation (


Book Details
Author Subramanian Swamy
ISBN 978-81-241-1905-1
Subject General >> History and Politics
Number of Pages 116
Weight N.A.
Publisher HarAnand Publications
Publication Year 2015
Language English
Binding Hardback

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