Challenges of China Global Ambitions (Russian) (Hardcover)

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Challenges of China Global Ambitions (Russian) (Hardcover)

No other topic today challenges the contemporary strategic imagination more than the implications of phenomenal rise of China not just for its neighbourhood but for the globe. In the recent past, apprehension about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitions has given way to another sentiment, that China may be inching toward overreach—both economic as well as geopolitical. As China builds economic power through these efforts, it will sharpen its capacity to convert that power into geopolitical influence including in its neighbourhood in South Asia, SE Asia, East Asia, Eurasia, Pacific, Africa and Latin America. The various facets of China’s rise have been captured by Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury, Diplomatic Editor, The Economic Times through his writings over the past year in the esteemed paper. This book is a selection from Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury’s articles published in The Economic Times.

About The Author

Narendra Kumar

Acknowledged among India’s most distinguished educations, Narendra Kumar had been responsible for creating an education system responsive to the changing societal needs at national and international level. He had taken bold steps which have the potential of revolutionizing the educational scenario in India. Kumar has varied interests and has written books on Central Asia and Africa, and also edited books on publishing. He has won many national and international awards including “Order of the Star of the Italian Solidarity” conferred by the President of the Republic of Italy as well as he was the youngest publisher to have been inducted into the Indian Publishing Hall of Fame. A man of varied interests, Narendra Kumar is an eminent publisher, educationist and sports administrator. He has written several books on publishing, education and foreign heads of states. He has extensively lectured both in India and abroad. He heads several institutions including the recently set-up Independent Think Tank. The present work is based on author's tribute to the bravehearts of Bangladesh & the sacrifices made by them to ensure the honour and dignity of their people.


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Author Narendra Kumar
ISBN 978-93-91504-72-4
Subject General >> History and Politics
Number of Pages 118
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Publication Year 2022
Language Russian
Binding Hardback

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