Color Outside Lines (English) (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-81-241-2009-5

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Color Outside Lines (English) (Paperback)

Color Outside Lines is a self-instruction to disregard instructions. The collection of poems comes out of attempts to understand themes of tolerance and awareness in society, sprinkled with some enquiry and some disregard for prejudiced notions.

About The Author

Purujeet Parida

Purujeet Parida, born in Odisha, has worked in many parts of the country. After completing his engineering degree, he went to Mumbai to work for an Investment bank. All this while he has been writing poems on topics that demand attention.


Book Details
Author Purujeet Parida
ISBN 978-81-241-2009-5
Subject General >> Poetry
Number of Pages 85
Weight 122 g
Publisher Haranand Publications
Publication Year 2017
Language English
Binding Paperback

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