India at 75 Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (English) (Hardcover)

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India at 75 Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (English) (Hardcover)

 If someone who had witnessed the impoverished stage at which the British had left India in1947, after ruling for 200 years, and seen the horrific tragedy of Partition were to visit India in 2022, he won’t believe what his eyes see all around; India has been transformed beyond recognition on all parameters. Dazed by the network of railway lines, highways, expressways, roads and link roads, flyovers, underground   metros, swanky airports, ports, grated communities, sky scrappers, air-conditioned shopping malls, multiplexes, food courts, huge supermarkets, hundreds of brands, sizes and colours of cars, motorbikes and scooters filling the roads to the brim, youth hooked on their social networks on their smart phones, thousands of citizens of different age groups doing yoga on their colourful mats, for a minute, he will think that he has landed in a different country, not in India that is Bharat! We should be proud of what we have achieved as a nation in democratic ways and relatively peacefully. The results might not have met expectations; their judgments might have gone wrong but their intentions weren’t wrong; all leaders tried to serve this nation. It has truly been a continuum in which successors have built over the achievements of predecessors and introduced course correction wherever necessary. India at 75 has been a collective endeavour and it is still a work in progress.

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Book Details
Author Amb. Surendra Kumar, re, Amb. Surendra Kumar
ISBN 978-93-91504-02-1
Subject General >> History and Politics
Number of Pages 236
Weight 460 g
Publication Year 2022
Language English
Binding Hardback

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