Schidananad Sidhant (Hindi) (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-81-964039-0-4

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Schidananad Sidhant (Hindi) (Paperback)

This book, Sachidanand Sidhant is useful explanation for all the seekers of truth and blessings. The core principles and essentials of epics like Shri Bhagwat Mahapuran and Shri Maheshwar Tantra are compiled in easy to read Hindi. All educated rational readers can discover new heights of Sanatan Dharma in a scientific approach.  


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About The Author

Pandit Shyam Bihari

Bramhavidya-preaher Pandit Shyam Bihari Dube from Pannna (M.P.) India, has devoted a lifetime for the upliftment of spiritual side of society. It is only the leaders like him who can manage to be an engineer by profession and a pillar to a society with the same strength. He has left a deep impact as a spiritual guide and historian. This book is a genuine effort of a saintly scholar to explain complex concepts in simple ways for the benefit of all of humanity.


Book Details
Author Pandit Shyam Bihari
ISBN 978-81-964039-0-4
Subject Religion
Number of Pages 88
Weight 138 g
Publication Year 2023
Language Hindi
Binding Paperback

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