Thirty One Pandemic Letters of Loss and Love: New Delhi to and from New York (English) (Hardcover)

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Thirty One Pandemic Letters of Loss and Love: New Delhi to and from New York (English) (Hardcover)

 In a world which suddenly came to a grinding halt due to the pandemic of Covid 19 the intricate bonds of social life were torn asunder. The necessity of maintaining social distancing for a greater good to counter the illness led to isolation and anxiety for a number of people. Women’s lives were impacted far more than others’. In the confined spaces of their homes they became the primary source of both emotional and physical support. Most middle-class homes were converted to workplaces with members of the family including women working online. Long-time friends Bijayalaxmi Nanda and Sangita Misra started writing letters to each other by email in order to sustain their spirits during these difficult times. They belong to Odisha in India and met each other in Cuttack when they were thirteen years. Now at fifty-five years,  Bijayalaxmi lives in New Delhi, India and Sangita lives in New York, USA. The collection is the recent correspondence between them which spans a period of four months during the pandemic Covid 19. The surreal changes brought in by the pandemic in the everyday lives of women in the world is well captured in their exchanges.  It weaves together stories of work, children, family and friends. There are reflections on poetry, writings and politics too. The negotiating of their lives in the wake of a pandemic, the significance of friendship between women, the rich cultural context of the three cities which they traverse in their four decades of friendship – Cuttack, New Delhi and New York – is laid down in a nuanced manner.  The poignant tenderness and affirmation to life and living in their letters enhance the spirit of love and empathy for human bonding. The trajectory of loss and love is eloquently expressed. It will speak to every woman who has lived, lost and loved. The book provides an in-depth understanding of the lives of women in their specific contexts and is a celebration of friendship between them.

About The Author

Bijayalaxmi Nanda

Bijayalaxmi Nanda teaches Political Science in Miranda House, University of Delhi. She is currently the Principal of the College. Her stories on girl-child and women in India have been serialised on Doordarshan in 2006 as Atmaja: Born from the Soul. Her short story on child sexual abuse ‘Chuppee’ was made into a film. Her stories and creative writings have appeared in popular magazines like Femina and other journals. She is widely published as an academic writer and feminist researcher. Her publications include co-authored Human Rights, Gender and Environment, authored Sex-Selective Abortion and the State and co-edited Understanding Social Inequality and Discourse on Rights in India: Debates and Dilemmas. Her collection of poems titled Of Mothers and Daughters is under publication. She lives in New Delhi, India. She shares a home with her father and her spouse. Her daughter lives in Washington DC/New York, USA.


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