A textbook is a well-designed and organised blue print of various lessons, collection of knowledge and principles of various concepts. Most textbooks are accompanied with supplement books,teachers resource material, activity books, self help books, compact discs containing various activities, lesson plans and so on. A textbook is an essential medium of gaining knowledge for both the teachers and the students. It makes the whole learning process easier and reinforces communication, classroom interaction and boosts attention and retention span of the children. Hence, it is imperative for children to read their textbooks and gain maximum knowledge from it.

With the advent of technology and online learning, many schools and teachers have started encouraging the concept of e-learning. These days many schools are implementing classroom online learning sessions within the premises and many schools have their own tie ups with websites where they upload their worksheets, activity sheets, tests and lesson schedules. The whole online learning process is a great way forward in the field of education as it helps the children to look beyond their textbooks, it even engages their higher thinking skills and helps them to generate multiple answers for a problem.

Textbooks are a great way of learning and help children grasp the various concepts better as everything is planned, categorised and laid out in a well-organised manner. But with this comes the limitation as textbooks sometimes provide only cohesive and coherent information related to a topic also the questions given in the textbooks have all the answers provided within the textbook itself which limits the rational thinking of students and makes them belief that it is the only answer to the given problem.

Hence, in this day and age where textbooks are resourceful and considered to be self-sufficient it is important to have supplement readers, online projects and activities and various other sources of information to broaden the reasoning and analytical capacity of the students. While e-learning is the latest trend emerging here in India, textbooks are not going to be redundant as they have their own advantages for children. Now you can even buy textbooks for various subjects online at www.haranandbooks.com and choose the books you require.