Stories play a vital role in growth, development and nurturing of the children. The characters they read about form a friendly image in their mind for many years. It is also essential for children to realise that books provide valuable information which shapes their future lives. For children, reading books is a good habit as it boosts their confidence level, helps them to evaluate their feelings and enhances their command over language and grammar.

There are multiple reasons associated with kids and their relationship with reading. Parents and teachers should must inculcate healthy reading habits as books provide inspiration, thought and reflection. Books and stories fill a child’s mind with knowledge which generates curiosity and provokes discussion. Also reading is a good time pass for children as it provides calmness and soothes their mind in such busy lives. It also stimulates a healthy bond between children and their parents. Let’s delve deeper into some of the benefits of reading.

• Confidence and feelings – Children who can read well are more likely to have higher confidence level. This proves to be beneficial in school as they can they take part in various activities. Stories help children to build their position in the world as they reflect on to the lives of various characters in the stories and the kind of lives they lead. Reading motivates children to express their feelings as they read about other characters and the kind of emotions they go through, children learn the art of expression in real life too. They no longer feel scared to share their emotions with their near and dear ones.

• Language and learning – Introduction of new words and ideas into a child’s mind through stories is a great way of learning. Beginning with picture books, then alphabets, letters to stories helps them grasp various language elements and makes their retention power stronger.

• Fuels imagination – Stories invoke creative thoughts and ideas in a child’s imagination. The beauty of stories is that it can be incredibly fantastical or super realistic. They can be reading about other children living in same conditions as they are at one point and on the other they might be reading about other species, different planets or maybe another world altogether.

As you can see there are so many advantages of reading and how it forms an essential part of the child’s personal and mental growth. This learning and educating through books should encourage you to grab some story books for yourself or children around you. You can buy children’s story books online at and choose from their wide range.