Around Every Corner (English) (Paperback)

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Around Every Corner (English) (Paperback)

Around Every Corner” is the first part of a text written in epistolary form, in the emergency, at the Tihar Women’s Prison, in New Delhi, under difficult conditions and uncertainty. These long months of isolation, cut off from family, far from the native land, in a culture and a foreign language, are transformed over the course of the day into a workshop of awakening in which discoveries, observations and reflections swirl before finish listed, labeled and classified. The story of a long journey, literally and figuratively, intimate, which leads the writer as the recipient inexorably to the emergence of the corner of spirituality and on its land of wisdom: India.

About The Author

Emmanuelle Verhoeven

Ms Emmanuelle Verhoeven, was born on 8 October 1959 in Angers (France), on the banks of the Loire. She grew up in Paris and Nantes where she stayed until 1985. At the end of adolescence, she became involved in politics as close as possible to her progressive convictions, which led her to the Senate as Parliamentary Assistant. In 1985, she left France to go to Chile with her six-year-old eldest son, still under the yoke of the dictatorship of the Military Junta. She worked for the UN in the Commission on Human Rights, the Economic and Social Commission (UN) for Latin America, and finally just after the return to democracy, among political prisoners. It is in New Delhi where she was arbitrarily arrested and had to stay there from 2015 to July 2017. She lives these days in France, in a small town on the Atlantic coast.


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Author Emmanuelle Verhoeven
ISBN 978-93-88409-08-7
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