Traveling Between Fables (English) (Hardcover)

ISBN: 978-81-241-2026-2

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Traveling Between Fables (English) (Hardcover)

The images and words in this work are the result of a voyage, a journey undertaken in the    land of elephants, of gypsies and gurus, and of mountain monasteries.It was an inner journey that spanned Himalayan heights, travelled the dirt roads and plains of Delhi, the deserts and lakes of Rajasthan. The author believes that no matter what happens, no external entity is punishing us. The cosmos is God, is Buddha, is Rama, is Christ, is Allah, and it moves to bring us to a better place, always.

About The Author

Paola Martani

Paola Martani is a graduate in philosophy of the University of Milan, holding the academic title of Dottorate in Philosophy, and has a master's degree in linguistics from the same university. Since 2014 she has been the programme coordinator and language teacher at the Italian Cultural Centre of the Italian Embassy in New Delhi . In 2016, she started teaching Indian aesthetic philosophy at the World School of Design in Sonipat.In June 2017 she released her first book, A Student Handbook of Italian.


Book Details
Author Paola Martani
ISBN 978-81-241-2026-2
Subject General >> Literature
Number of Pages 75
Weight 310 g
Publisher Haranand Publications
Publication Year 2018
Language English
Binding Hardback

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