Desire of Language: Selected Poems (English) (Paperback)

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Desire of Language: Selected Poems (English) (Paperback)

If you want to see the smiling face of Punjabi poetry, then you should read the poems of Vanita. Her poetry deals with the human sensitivity, culture, traditions, feminine, plurality and with the global consciousness. In her poetic language she writes about patriarchal dimensions and its hegemony in a very satirical way. Her poems are related with the socio as well as ideological polarization and about the contemporary situations of war which have terrified the mind of the world. Her woman is neither helpless nor sorrowful, whereas before her the earlier woman poetry was depressing. She is unparalleled among the wonderful advocates of confidence in feminism. It's rare example is her poem Shakuntla where she has presented such a dare through the mythical character of Shakuntla. Her feminist insistence plays in her poetry in the spacious courtyard.. The way their linguistic establishments are depicted in the poem Desire of Language is very significant and important. Thus her poetic act becomes a semiotics act in which poetess does not believe in one dimension of Truth. Vanita writes about the parallel truths. Instead of dictatorial, undemocratic and purely traditional and cultural conditions her poetry gives you pluralistic approach. In her poetry fresh images, metaphors, language and grammar plays in a distinctive manner, which gives you a new thought and fresh feel of transformation also.

About The Author


Vanita is a poet, academic, translator and literary critic. She has post-graduate degrees in Music and Punjabi and completed her doctoral research in Punjabi from the University of Delhi. A versatile poet, Vanita comprehends the world in figurative language and aims to transform familiar things and drab realities to unfamiliar obscure and complex images. She successfully converts subjective experiences into objective epiphanies and all the more discovers the ultimate truth through visions and amalgamations of thoughts and images. A poetess of rare integrity, a creator of many works, Vanita’s poetry reflects unfathomable compassion, imprints of Indian philosophical and moral values and a bridge between tradition and modernity, delves deep into human emotions in a fast changing social space. Vanita is honoured by several National and International Awards. She got Sahitya Akademi award in 2010, Punjabi Sharomani Sahitkar Samman by Government of Punjab in 2006, IAPAA (Canada) award in 2007, Sahitya Akademi Translation award in 2009, Woman of the Year award by American Biographical Institute Inc. north Carlonia, USA in 2003 and many others.


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Author Vanita
ISBN 978-93-91504-40-3
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Publication Year 2022
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